SIF 団 員 募 集 中! Welcomes new members !

S.I.F. (Sendai International Friendship Choir)

If you are interested in our choir,please email can visit us !But we can't reply you soon,sorry.

●S.I.F. Choir Regular Activities S.I.F. Choir活動概要

Where: A local community center in Sendai

- When:Almost Every Friday 19:00-21:00  主に毎週金曜日 19:00~21:00

- Members:
The choir is a mixed choir. Members should be 20 years old or older.
Previous musical experience is not required.
Members are Japanese and a lot of different countries.

- Language at the choir rehearsals: Japanese and English

- Membership fee:Adults and Japanese students: 3,000yen/month
            Overseas students: 2,000yen/month
 団 費:社会人・日本人学生 3,000円/月, 留学生 2,000円/月
(There may be additional costs for sheet music, event fees and uniform.)

You can check the rehearsal location at the S.I.F. Choir’s website.
練習日程の詳細はHPのSIF NEWSをご覧ください。